Get to know the ABCs of EVs

Battery Electric Vehicles
  • 100% powered by an electric motor
  • No gasoline required
  • Charge at home or on the road at a charging station
  • Many models get up to 250 miles on a full charge
  • Charging times vary from 30 minutes to 6+ hours
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Powered by a combo of an electric and gasoline engine
  • Can be plugged in to charge
  • Gasoline kicks in once the electric battery is depleted
  • Ranges from 350-600 miles
  • Charging typically done at home overnight and gas station
Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Powered by an internal combustion engine and electric motor
  • Doesn't plug in; gas tank must be filled up
  • Range up to 500 miles depending on model
Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles
  • Powered by a an electric drive motor
  • Uses fuel cell to convert hydrogen into electricity
  • Ranges from 300-350 on each tank of hydrogen
  • Only available in California
Charging at HOME
  • Level 1 charger
    • Included in EV car purchase
    • Plug into any standard 120V outlet
    • Charges 125 miles in 20 hours
  • Level 2 charger
    • Sold separately
    • Requires 240V outlet
    • Can fully charge EV battery overnight (4-9 hours)
  • Level 2 smart charger
    • Same speed as regular Level 2 chargers
    • Controlled via app over WiFi or Bluetooth
    • Required by many utility programs for rebate
Charging in PUBLIC
  • Level 1
    • Charges 125 miles in 20 hours
  • Level 2 charger
    • Charges 125 miles in 5 hours
  • Level 2 smart charger
    • 100 miles in 30 minutes
    • Also known as DCFC or DC Fast Chargers
    • Not every EV can charge at this level

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