Join the Wisconsin Electric Vehicle (EV) Market Transformation Initiative to accelerate EV adoption by increasing consumer demand and dealerships’ supply and sale of EVs.

Status of EVs in Wisconsin Now

Wisconsin is lagging in EV adoption. Nationally EVs are 0.2% of all registered light duty vehicles, but in Wisconsin we’re at just 0.07%—30th among all states. That means we aren’t seeing the benefits of EVs. For example, 77% of EVs registered in Wisconsin are purchased in another state, thus forfeiting Wisconsin’s economic development opportunities associated with EVs.

Wisconsin’s low level of EV adoption is reality despite significant financial investments and educational and outreach efforts of energy utilities. To make progress, we must address and overcome barriers to adoption that Wisconsin utilities cannot fix on their own. One significant barrier is that auto dealers and utility territories do not align. It’s onerous for auto dealers to identify and share the various EV and EV charging programs offered by multiple utilities who serve their would-be EV buyers. Consequently, consumers don’t receive information they want and need from dealers, and utility EV efforts don’t thrive. Wisconsin needs a coalition to create and support EV transformation that addresses this market fragmentation.