The Drive Electric Wisconsin initiative addresses key barriers to adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) using a market transformation approach. 

To achieve ambitious climate goals, states like Wisconsin must electrify the economy and specifically transition from gasoline powered vehicles to electric vehicles as quickly as possible. In the Midwest, this transition is difficult. Many consumers prefer pickups and SUVs that can transport children with hockey equipment or yards of mulch. We have identified many of the barriers to EV ownership and will keep working to overcome them.

Slipstream and its partners are advancing a collaborative market transformation effort in the tradition of Wisconsin's long history of energy efficiency efforts. Key activities will include:

  • Coalition building. We're bringing utilities, state and local governments, and other stakeholders together under a unified approach.
  • Website presence. Maintain and enhance a Wisconsin-specific website to promote EVs that showcases the advantages while providing links to utility-specific information.
  • Data monitoring. Using both EV Hub sales data and dealership specific sales data from the state Department of Transportation, monitor EV market trends and recognize that both dealerships and communities lead in the transition.
  • Engage dealerships and car salespeople. Reach out to dealerships, beginning with those with a history of EV sales. Outreach will include online training delivered through short, engaging snippets while also recognizing dealerships and salespeople with high EV sales.
  • Organize EV advocates. Cultivate an online forum where EV owners can share their stories and promote EV ownership to others. 

It takes a village, or in this case, a state! Our core team comprises representatives from Slipstream, WPPI Energy, Dane County, RENEW Wisconsin and Wisconsin Clean Cities. This initiative is made possible with financial support from the McKnight Foundation.

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