Preferred Dealer Program

Join today to showcase your EV expertise!

Benefits for Preferred Dealers

Preferred Dealer Map

Your dealership will be included on a map of Preferred Dealers on the Drive Electric WI website. Consumers will be able to find your dealership by searching their area.

Ride & Drive Events

The Preferred Dealers list will be provided to any groups looking for Ride & Drive event partners. Event participants will have the opportunity to conduct EV test drives with consumers.

Social Media Promotion

Your dealership will be featured on the Drive Electric Wisconsin social media channels, reaching consumers across the state.

Preferred Dealer Decal

A decal will be provided for display at your dealership, letting consumers know of your special status and commitment to selling EVs.

Consumer Resources

Preferred Dealers will receive postcards containing EV resources that can be distributed to consumers at the time of purchase.

Check out our current Drive Electric Wisconsin Preferred Dealers.

Becoming a Preferred Dealer

Step 1: Meet the criteria

  • Strive to keep an inventory of at least two EVs that are available for purchase.
  • Maintain at least one sales staff that has completed EV dealership training.
    • Provide contact name(s) to Drive Electric Wisconsin.
  • Have at least one Level 2 charging station installed at the dealership site.
  • Reapply to Preferred Dealer Program every two years.

Step 2: Submit application

Complete and submit the online application.

Step 3: Connect with EV buyers

Boost your EV sales by connecting with Wisconsin consumers as a Preferred Dealer!

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